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Steebo’s BBQ Terrific Turkey

If prepared and cooked properly turkey can be one of the most enjoyable lean meats around.  Sure you could just bake your turkey in an oven, but a BBQ grill will roast it with more flavor and character.  The grill … Continue reading

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Hitachino Nest – Kiuchi Brewery Visit

When I travel to a new place the first thing I do is look to see if there is a good brewery I can visit.  As soon as I learned that I would be traveling to Japan, the first thing … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLIV Wagyu Beef Brisket

So this post is actually just an old brag-session that found its way into my friends and my coworkers inbox in power point format back in February of 2010.  That January I had just won first place in both of … Continue reading

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Selecting Your Smoking Wood

You have a smoker…need wood, but you don’t know which wood to use.  I can help, lets start off with the most basic rule in smoking meat, do not use too much smoke wood.  Keep the total amount of smoking … Continue reading

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Bourbon Review: New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon

The next spirit up for tasting comes from New Holland Artisan Distillers and has been dubbed Beer Barrel Bourbon.  Now that’s a great name and it has a real interesting story and an even more interesting packaging.  In the press … Continue reading

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Impressive Pulled Pork Smoked On A Weber Smokey Mountain

There are two major reasons to become a BBQ Pit Master; an endless supply of finely smoked meat, and showmanship (the ability to show off).  As Homer Simpson once said, “I am trying to impress people here Lisa. You don’t … Continue reading

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Review: Colonel E.H Taylor Straight Rye

This gorgeous bottle of rye is the fifth release from Buffalo Trace Distillery in the Colonel E. H. Taylor series.  This is the first of the series that I have tasted. It is packaged in tube and the bottle is … Continue reading

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Review – Sazerac Rye Whiskey

I have a friendly relationship with the owner of my local liquor-focused-store.  His name is Mike, and he likes bourbon and whiskey. When I stop in his store I am always asking, “Hey Mike!….. What’s new and exciting” as I … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned, But Nearly Perfect

I enjoy straight bourbon; I have recently swung towards rye and I have began to experiment in the wild world of bitters.  I think I have found my ideal cocktail in the Old Fashioned. Most of the time I am … Continue reading

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The Kentucky Mule: ultra-refreshing bourbon mixed drink

Here at Kruski’s we love our bourbon.  Typically I drink my favorite and finest bourbons neat in very small taster glasses, or a few ounces at a time over my whiskey stones.  Some times I want that bourbon enjoyment but … Continue reading

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