Back to The Western World

I am back from China, and happy to be home.

The brewery slogan is Born in Cal Tex, Made in Shanghai          Boxing Cat Brewery

They served four rotating craft beers at a time (selections change weekly), and western style food ( sliders and bbq).

This was a great change of pace in the middle of my 8 day visit.  They serve craft beer in Half pints (13oz) and British Pints  (20oz)

The manager was trying to get me to enter the challenge 12 contest.   => Drink 12 pints in 2 hours, get your photo on the wall, and you owe nothing.  $$$=0  I was a bit tired but quickly figured out that this is almost a case of beer in 2 hours.  I am amazed that folks have actually succeeded in this challenge.

I sat at this seat all the way to the right while watching some world cup and eating sliders :)

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  1. Holli says:

    I bet this was a nice little taste of home while out there!

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