Kruski’s WSM Backyard Pitmaster Knowledge

So you love eating BBQ and you have decided that you would like to make your own delicious smoked meats from the comfort of your own backyard. This is great goal and I will do my best to assist you in your journey to become a backyard pitmaster.  Back in 2007 I started my adventures in smoking.   I am a proud owner of a 22-1/2″ Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker.  I love to smoke baby back pork ribs, pulled-pork butt, and beef brisket.  I have learned tons of tricks and techniques over the years from friends and other guru’s across the web. I will do my best to share and summarize my methods in a clear and concise format including as many pictures as possible. As an endorsement to my BBQ and some of the methods I use, five of my best friends all have purchased WSM’s and are well on their way to becoming backyard BBQ pitmasters!

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What Are The First Things I need to Purchase to Smoke My Own Meat

Smoking Amazing Ribs with a Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM)

Impressive Pulled Pork Smoked On A Weber Smokey Mountain

Smoking Wood (what woods I like to use)

Super Bowl Edition Waygu Full Packer Brisket (purchased from Snake River Farms)

Overnight Brisket Flat (using a Costco semi-trimmed flat)





2 Responses to BBQ

  1. Lawrence says:

    hey man great website!! i have using the wsm for a long time.. just want your opinion on one thing.. before i apply my rub on ribs butts etc, i coat the meat with a thin layer of canola oil.. or any neutral oil.. i believe dry spices are oil soluble not water.. i could be really makes the bark pop for me.. give it a try if you want and let me know.. food for thought.. i like your website good job..

  2. Jay says:

    Lawrence, thanks for the kind words and mentioning oil, I have used oil pre-rub on my ribs before. In particular I have a super heavy on garlic, Savory Santa Maria rub for tri-tips that I had great success using rubbed on top of a light layer of olive oil on a a few slabs of baby backs.

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