Beer Related Christmas Gifts

Thank you family members who gave this beer loving home brewer brewing related gifts.   2011 will bring many changes to my equipment and techniques used for brewing.

I would like to post about what I got in no particular order.

Homebrew Store / Brewery Gift Cards = Noice! = I will talk about these as I spend em later

Beer Related T-Shirts

Beer Glasses

New Belgium had an awesome xmas gift deal on a glass they call the globe.  I bought myself 2 very nice glasses delivered for $6.  They still sell em but you will have to pay to ship them yourself.  Well worth the price, is my new fav glass to use.

whats cooler than having a beard or mustache?  Drinking out of a pint glass with one. I got four different facial hair pint glass looks to suit my fancy while doing 16 oz curls from my 3 tap keezer.

Blichmann Hop Rocket: This thing can be summarized as a flavor / aroma infuser.  The hop rocket can be used on the hot side of things used as a hop back or randell.  Basically… fill the hop rocket with up to 4 oz of leaf hops and post boil I will pump the hot wort thru the hop rocket filled with leaf hops prior to chilling.  The hops inside will act as a filter and more importantly the hot wort will extract/rinse essential oils and hop aroma from the leafs.   The second use for the hop rocket is referred to by some folks as a Randell or Randellizer.  Basically you fill the randell with hops and pump cold carbinated beer thru it on the way to the faucet and into your glass.   I dont know who did it first, (prob DFH dogfishhead) .   I know the first time I saw and tasted beer served from a randell was at a Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival when New Holland was “randellizing” mad hatter and calling it hatterized hatter.   I plan on getting creative, the home brewer way, and running some porter or stout thru  some whole coffee beans, or anything else I can find that fits in the rocket.  Possibilities are huge, if you have any ideas let me know.

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