Kentucky Slammer

Kentucky Breakfast Stout + Hopslam =       Yum? or Yuck?          Wasteful? or Worthy?

A Kentucky Slammer is a black and tan poured from two highly coveted brews.  At the time this post was written  they are “the #7 and #8 top beers on planet earth” rated on beeradvocate.  And both are from the great beer state of Michigan.  After reading posts by folks over on BA I have been waiting to make this top shelf black and tan.  If you know me or any of my friends we love our Hopslam (nectar of the gods) and sometimes wish to do dirty things with our KBS.

Attempt #1:  I used my mustache pint glass, and a BASS brolly spoon.  I followed the commonly accepted approach and pour more than half a glass of the tan, and attempted to top it off slowly with the black.  I tell you what… I was really dissapointed that my pour was not so nice, I basically blended the two beers into a pint glass.  The flavor result was similar to a black ipa, not so shocking, but enjoyable, I am sipping as I type this post.

Attempt #2:  I went old school, and busted out the double bubble, and was looking for trouble.  Many a jack and cokes, jager and red bull, ect have been consumed from this back in the college years.  I thought for sure I would get good seperation……. and nope, I fail once again.  But I do proceed to chug the double bubble.  I am surprised while chugging I feel like its straight Hopslam, but my aftertaste is all chocolate from the KBS.  As I type I am now sweating profusely, maybe some one turned the heat up in my house, maybe not.

I suck, I need to revisit this when i increase my black and tan skills.  Does the KBS need to get on bottom?  If any one reads this that has an idea why it didn’t work please let me know.

Bottom line I am lucky to have local access to these great beers.  I learned that adding a sexy stout to the worlds greatest IIPA was a good thing.  Next time i want to experiment with blending, I would rather combine similar, more complimentary beers.  Like KBS and BCS.  Or Hopslam and Double Trouble.

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5 Responses to Kentucky Slammer

  1. Shane says:

    KBS is some thick beer. So normal black and tan being guinness and Harps leads the idea that you need a less viscous black or a more viscous tan. Although Hopslam is thicker than harps.
    Or pour seperate glasses and drink together :)

  2. Jay says:

    Some folks say what I am missing is the nitrogen found in many of the beers used for making black and tans

  3. Paul says:

    I would have taken those two beers and nursed them for hours. You put them in a bubbler for kicks. It’s quite obvious to me that Michigan has a disproportionate amount of insanely good beer. EXPORT THAT STUFF!

  4. David McGirr says:

    I don’t know if you still maintain this blog, or if you read these comments but I’d love to know if it’s still possible to get those Brolly spoons.

    Recently I’ve been reviewing different black and tan recipes on my youtube channel and I’d love to be able to use that spoon when we review the bass and guinness mix.

  5. Jay says:

    I got this spoon thru a promotional offer from BASS in the 2008 time frame.

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