Kruski’s Basement Bar: Pre Memorial Day Weekend

So I have barely posted anything about the bar build in quite some time.  So much has been accomplished in the past few months.  My wife and I have successfully taught ourselves how to paint and install laminate flooring.  We chose a flooring called weather maple in an ash finish.  Also you can see that the HDTV was mounted but the wiring has not been properly hidden thru the wall yet.  I have learned how to operate the ShopBot (computer controlled router) and milled out some custom cabinets out of pre-finished maple sheets.  The maple cabinets will make up the skeleton structure of the bar and act as storage for glasses and such.

This weekend I am picking up my walnut order from Armstong Millworks in Milford MI.  I had Armstrong do some glue ups for our raised panel bar front and had them mill a custom walnut bar rail out that will extend the length of bar.  I plan on doing some serious woodworking with my father-in-law Phil.  He is completely the brains behind the design. Check out his kick-ass 3D Renderings.  I sure am glad that he accepts my homebrew and BBQ as a form of payment for all of his efforts.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Lookin good!!

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