Walnut Raised Panel Creation

Last week Phil and I made what might be our final trip to Armstrong Millworks in Milford MI.  We spent about three hours in the barn picking thru the walnut boards.  Our focus was on minimizing the waste due to knots, sapwood, cracks, damaged edges, ect.  We selected enough walnut to finish the front portion of the bar.  All of the planks we were picking thru had been planked to the dimension of four quarter (4/4=1″).  We had the boards run thru the planer and then a sander to make the boards a uniform perfect three-quarter (3/4″).  Once our walnut stock was brought home it was time to layout the necessary cuts.  This is best done with a piece of standard chalkboard chalk as it is quite visible on the wood, and it erases with some simple wipes of a paper towel.

First action item was to cross cut all of our planks so they are more manageable to handle with the radial arm saw then a table saw was used to make all of the rips (cuts that go the length of the board).  Below is a picture of my pile of walnut planks marked up and ready to mill.

Below is an image of all of the boards processed down to there final dimensions.  There are boards that will be used as stiles, rails, caps, top and bottom trims

Here are the raised panels, rails, and stiles all dry fit together.

A picture of me sanding the raised panels so I can apply the danish oil.

One of the inner raised panels with an application of danish oil.

All three panels with danish oil applied.

My next woodworking post will show more details on the profiles on each of the boards and the joint they create. And I am not kidding here but we will be discussing space-balls and there use in cabinetry!

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  1. deb says:

    Jay! WOW. That’s all I have to say. I am so impressed.

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