Super Bowl XLIV Wagyu Beef Brisket

So this post is actually just an old brag-session that found its way into my friends and my coworkers inbox in power point format back in February of 2010.  That January I had just won first place in both of my fantasy football leagues and I wanted to do something special with my winnings.  So I purchased, and smoked a Wagyu Beef Brisket from Snake River Farms and I hosted a party at my house for Super Bowl XLIV (Saints vs. Colts).  This was a brisket to remember, I could not believe how good it tasted.  In my opinion good brisket is the holy grail of BBQ, and this was my most famous brisket.  This post will have some inline images and some descriptive text below each picture

Waygu Brisket Sliced


SNF packaging1

Sweet Packaging ~15 pound Wagyu Brisket (American Raised Kobe Beef)

SNF packaging2

Some unpacking shots, the brisket was rush shipped over night in an insulated box containing frozen gel packs.  I will order this same brisket again for sure.

Wagyu Brisket Marbling 0

Look at the incredible marbling on this hunk of beef.

Wagyu Brisket Marbling 1

Waygu Brisket Washed fatcap down

The super bowl brisket (fat cap side place down) has been washed, dried, and is ready to trim.  Take note of the direction of the grain, this is useful to read now, when the brisket is fully cooked it will not be this easy to read the grain

Waygu Brisket Trimming 1

Some pictures of me trimming off some the the large firm portions of fat.  It is important to remove this hard fat as it will not fully render out from the brisket during the cooking session.

Waygu Brisket Trimming 2

This is not my typical method for smokin’ brisket anymore, I will post my new method later.

The brisket was washed trimmed and rubbed and placed in fridge overnight
Rubbed brisket remained in fridge till fire was built
Used standard Kingsford with 3 large chunks of apple wood
I ran smoker at 190 degrees for first hour to aid in development of smoke ring
Slowly ramped the pit temp up to 250 degrees for 8 more hours
Patiently waited till brisket was probe tender (this hunk of meat finished quicker than most briskets I have done)
Removed brisket from smoker and wrapped in 2 layers of alum foil
Then I wrapped the foil in a towel and placed in empty cooler for 3 hours and held for my guests to arrive
Let cool for 15 minutes and I sliced and served my guests a piece of Kruski’s Beef History

Waygu Brisket Rest 2

The results are in…Crispy bark and mega juicy melt in your mouth beef inside.  I scored crosses into the fat cap to help hold more rub on the brisket.  Who wants to season the outside of the fat cap anyway?

Waygu Brisket Rest 1

First Slices… one of me, one for you.

Waygu Brisket Slicing 1

Look at those juices on my cutting board, this beef literally melts in your mouth

Waygu Brisket Slicing 2

I cant believe I sliced the brisket so well!

Waygu Brisket Sliced


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  1. Mike Bartoszek says:

    Kelli Ann wants to know when the next super bowl party is? LOL

  2. Wes McAllister says:

    Wow looks great, what was your finished internal temp?

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