Two Flannels Hard at Work

So we were making some serious progress this weekend. Day one we were cutting sheets of particle board into the back bar counter top and the patron side bar top. Day two we focused on cutting the walnut hardwood that will soon makeup the rails and stiles which make up the face frames for the bar carcass.  The two days in The Neir Garage Woodshop were very enjoyable.  We enjoyed a few beers, listened to some metal, and most importantly made some serious dust.


We began ripping sheets of 3/4″ particle board down to manageable length and width using a long straight edge guide and a circular saw.  Once we finished our initial rips, we used the table saw to square it up and cut to the desired finish dimensions.  note: Me and Mike got these from Phil as X-mas presents and now I know how its used and why its so useful!  It is way easier to cut things down before feeding the table saw.  Day two we began cutting the walnut boards into rails (12) and stiles (6) that will soon become the carcass cabinet face frames.  This was the first time we actually cut walnut on the project.  We were nervous since each of these boards are quite expensive, but when things are planned out as well as Phil does things go smoothly.  The interesting thing about walnut is that the heartwood (chocolate) and the sapwood (khaki) are significantly different colors.  See the picture to the left, on some of the swiggley marked sections you can see the undesired light color sections.


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  1. Holli says:

    Wow! Looks like you fellas were NOT messing around!

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