3 Must Haves

Well I’m finally making my first post here and a big “Hey oh!” to everyone. A little background on this post first. The last few years I’ve been really interested in some great daily indulgences that can make a dude really feel like a classic manly man. I’m talking Don Draper of Mad Men kind of manly. So, Jay asked me to help contribute some of these great things to this blog. I’m going to start off with 3 great things every guy worth his weight in whiskey needs to know a little bit about. These will set the general theme for most of my posts although I may digress here and there into some other topics (suggestions are always welcome).

The first one that must be mentioned is shaving. Whether you do it everyday, or only when your special lady friend gets on you to clean up for a special event, we all have to do it so why not make it an enjoyable part of the day. Let’s be honest, do you really like using a glorified kitchen appliance on your face everyday? How about paying $25 dollars every week for those new 1000 blade, hyper-ultra-goop coated, battery operated, vibrating thingy’s that vaguely resemble a feminine device that belongs no where near your face? Throw ’em both in the trash and get something that will make you, your face, and your wallet way happier. I’m talking about a classic, double edge, safety razor. The kind your grandpa used to shave with. I made the switch 2 years ago and my face thanks me every morning.  I’ll be posting how-to’s, what to buy, reviews, and maybe even a Q&A if I get enough response.

classic double edge saftey razor

Next up is bourbon.  We’ve all had our nights where we glugged down one too many shots of whiskey, trying to just  force it down and not even taking a second to enjoy that wonderful golden elixir.  Bourbon has such a great, rich history in Americana, some great enjoyable complexities, and a recent surge in popularity due to barrel aged beer and hip, new, Speakeasy themed bars.  It’s worth investigating and learning to enjoy properly.  Start your day off right with a good shave, and finish it right with a nice glass of good bourbon.  I’ll be posting here and there about the world of bourbon and a few reviews on what Jay and I are drinking.

Saving the best, and most certainly not least, for last is great beer.  Jay has been doing a killer job on posting all about fantastic homebrew.  I will cover the vast world of commercial beer out there.  Set that fizzy yellow water aside.  Beer itself is one of the oldest and most varied kinds of adult beverages in the world.  It’s pretty magical stuff.  From time to time I will post reviews of new beers, cellar reports on how certain beers are aging, and lots of  info on great craft beer in general.

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2 Responses to 3 Must Haves

  1. Erin D. says:

    Consider this a request for more information about the old-fashioned razors (from the precise opposite of your intended demographic, sorry.)

  2. Stevie D says:

    I will absolutely be doing more posts on the classic razors. It’s a real passion of mine! I’ve found that more women have become interested in it as both gifts for their men and for themselves. It’s really a much more economical, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable way to shave.

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