Kruski’s is the namesake for my home brewery and BBQ operations.  I have started this website to capture and share my hobbies.  I intend to post about all things related to beer BBQ and the friends and family that help me create it as well as make it disappear.  Most photos found on Kruski’s have been taken by my wife.  I love the creative way she can see things and can capture the scene with her camera.

The home brewing side of things was EST in December of 2007. Over Christmas break, I soon became obsessed with learning as much about making my own beer as quickly as possible.  I currently have a kegging setup and brew all-grain batches outdoors year round in SE Michigan with good friends, family, and my dog Barley.

The BBQ side of my operation began in May of 2008 when I ordered the 2820 Weber Smokey Mountain as my first smoker.  Thru out the years I bought and read books about meat, smoke and spice. I spent countless hours reading and posting on the WSM and BBQ forums. In February of 2011, I sold my first WSM to a friend and purchased the larger 22.5″ version.  I have smoked countless batches of ribs, pork butt, and brisket and continue to learn and improve on every smoke.  As an endorsement to my BBQ and some of the methods we use, five of my best friends all have purchased WSM’s and are well on there way to becoming backyard BBQ pitmasters!

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5 Responses to About

  1. David Johnson says:

    I LOVE this site!!! can’t wait to read everything on it and learn your techniques!

  2. Jay says:

    Welcome David, you guys should try to make the Kentucky mule’s.

  3. BBQSteve says:


    Just noticed you enjoy along with BBQ, beer and whiskey. Are you on Straight Bourbon and/or Beer Advocate or Rate Beer? Let me know. I’d enjoy sharing some chat with you as I am an enthusiast as well.


  4. Dom says:

    Good evening… I just stumbled upon your site today pretty cool stuff man. I do the buying for a local market in Ann Arbor (Tippins Market) with a Great bourbon selection & Single Barrel Progam and a huge wine selection. There’s quite a few local enthusiasts around town , and around the state sometimes we swap samples and chat quite a bit on Facebook hit me up ? I can help you get some samples to review?
    Dominic Aprea
    Cheers and stay thirsty my friend

  5. Dan Dennes says:

    I love your input. Reviews and methods are spot on. Good job now get back at it and give us more

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