Custom Logo Bottle Caps

I have recently updated the look and feel of the Kruski’s website to include some new logo work. The logo was inspired both by my dog Barley and The Great Beer State of Michigan. Once the logo was finished and the website had been updated, I wanted to show it off.  I wanted to get the artwork printed out on something cool, and wanted it ASAP.  T-shirts? Coasters? How about some custom Kruski’s bottle caps?

I found a company named BottleMark that will print your custom uploaded image onto bottle caps. There is no setup fee, no minimum order quantity, and my custom caps arrived in less than one week. BottleMark charges a flat rate of $0.12 per cap. I feel this cost is totally reasonable, as typical caps purchased from your local home brew store cost about 3-4 cents each. If there is one thing that most home brewers have in common, it is pride in our product. When it comes to my beer, I am always willing to go the extra mile.  I love my custom caps and I am sure that once my home brewer friends see my caps, they will be ordering some custom caps for their own brewery.

Special thanks to my friend Carrie for her efforts on the logo. Carrie Wakulat is a graphic designer who has been developing brands for over 12 years. Email her at

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5 Responses to Custom Logo Bottle Caps

  1. Mike Neir says:

    Those are awesome! I love the logo.

  2. Erin D. says:

    Those look great! Love them. :) Nice photos, too!

  3. Sharon Neir says:

    Those are very nice. I agree with Mike. Neat Logo:-)

  4. Speaker City says:

    Nice! I would rock a bumper sticker with that on the XJ … just sayin
    Can’t wait to open one of these bottle this summer

  5. David Gregory says:

    Love the logo caps. I’m a bottle cap collector. How do I get a few of the caps for my collection? Please reply. Thanks.

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