NPower Training Date 2023 for Batch C Candidates & Venue

The Npower Training date for Batch C 2023 has been announced by the Federal Government. We will provide information on the training date and venue for Npower Build and other non-graduate beneficiaries of Npower Batch C on this page.

Candidates who have applied for the Npower Batch C program should prepare themselves as Npower has announced the training date for candidates in the non-graduates category.

Npower informs all Batch C applicants that training has commenced and they are expected to log in to their NASIMS dashboard for more information on the venue of their screening exercises.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for the Npower training exercise. Selected candidates are expected to report to the designated venues assigned to them by Npower. All pre-selected applicants are eligible for the training, and further details have been communicated to candidates at this stage.


What is Npower Training all about?

The purpose of this training is to fulfill the vision of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), which aims to alleviate poverty, create job opportunities, and develop useful skills for Nigerian citizens. Candidates who have been shortlisted in the non-graduates category can apply.

The Npower training program consists of three months of in-center class training, followed by a six-month apprenticeship program. After the apprenticeship, there will be mentorship, starter packs, and assessments leading to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Certification.

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management announced that Npower training will commence for all non-graduate beneficiaries of Batch C in collaboration with the following agencies:

  • National Institute of Transport Technology (NITT)
  • Industrial Training Fund (ITF)
  • National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Hydraulic Equipment Development Institute (HEDI)

Npower Training Date 2023

The official Npower training date for Batch C beneficiaries has not been released yet. However, preparations for the commencement of training are underway, and beneficiaries will be notified soon.

Make sure to prepare yourself because Npower training will cover various skills taught to Npower Build candidates and others in the non-graduate categories.

We will also make every effort to keep you well-informed about the Npower training commencement date and when the Federal Government decides to start the program. Simply bookmark this page so that we can provide you with regular updates.

How Long does Npower Training Last?

The Npower training program consists of a three-month in-center class training, followed by a six-month apprenticeship program, and then post-apprenticeship mentorship.

How much is Npower Non-graduate Salary?

The Npower Non-Graduate Scheme beneficiaries are anticipated to receive a monthly stipend of ₦10,000 (approximately $23 USD) throughout the program, typically spanning two years.

Can I do Npower Twice?

Those individuals who have previously benefited from the N-Power Programme are not eligible to reapply.

What is the Next Step after Npower Training

After successfully completing the test, the next step involves checking your assessment online and confirming that you are selected, the next stage will be Device Selection.

Is Npower Permanent?

No, the Npower program is not permanent. It is a government initiative in Nigeria that provides temporary employment opportunities and skills development to unemployed youths. The program has a specific duration, and participants are typically engaged for a fixed period of time.

We regularly publish the latest news regarding the Npower program on this portal. Therefore, if you wish to stay updated on the recruitment process, please visit this website regularly.

We recommend bookmarking or saving this page and refreshing it regularly in case of any changes by the authorities, as we will update you as soon as they occur

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