Old Fashioned, But Nearly Perfect

I enjoy straight bourbon; I have recently swung towards rye and I have began to experiment in the wild world of bitters.  I think I have found my ideal cocktail in the Old Fashioned.

Kruski's Cherry Vanilla Rye Old Fashioned

Most of the time I am a really good consumer. I enjoy reading and looking at new cool things.  I am easily intrigued by some basic text and pretty pictures when it comes to new products.  During a recent visit on one of my favorite websites gearpatrol, I saw a promotional post on Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Spiced Cherry Bitters.  At this point in time I didn’t know dick diddly about bitters but I decided that I wanted badly to taste this. So I placed my order immediately.  I did know that bitters were a key ingredient used in old fashioned drinks and not knowing where to begin I differed to google.  Within five minutes I had read Martin Doudoroff’s website Old Fashioned 101, and I was ready to mix some drinks.  To make an Old Fashioned drink, simply muddle some sugar with bitters add some bourbon or rye and enjoy!

Please follow these few simple steps, and try to use what I feel are key ingredients to this delicious drink.

  •  A spoonful of sugar Any sugar will work, and some folks recommend simple syrup but I used and prefer a vanilla sugar that was made / Xmas-gifted by our friends The Walkers.

Old Fashioned Vanilla Sugar

  • A few dashes of bitters – Here comes the Woodford Reserve bourbon barrel aged cherry bitters. The 100mL bottle of bitters costs $14 plus shipping fees.  I enjoy these bitters so much I want to order more ASAP, but at the rate at which dashes are used it may last me years.  A dash is difficult for me to quantify, but I target four or five shakes out the tiny-soy-sauce-type hole on the bitters bottle.  Don’t worry there is always drink #2 to adjust more or less bitters to find your perfect amount.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry Bitters

  • Stir / Muddle / Dissolve  – For this step I found that pouring one spoon full of water onto top of the sugar and bitters combination makes it easier to get a good consistency.   See how my drink is milky and fairly consistent, this is when I stop and add the booze.

Muddled Old Fashioned

  • Add the Liquor (optional ice cubes)- I like to use a shot glass to help me measure out 2 ounces of Bulliet Rye.  So far I prefer my Old Fashioned’s with Rye Whiskey.  For the speed in which I enjoy this drink I like to use four ice cubes

Old FashionedI have been recently enjoying the price to enjoyment value I find in Bulleit Rye. I will definitely be repeating this drink with some Sazerac Rye, some E.H Taylor straight rye-whiskey, and a few other bourbons in my collection.  I hope to post a few more bourbon and rye reviews in the beginning of 2013.

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