Old No. 7 Brand Gifts

I just received a few Jack Daniels Old No.7 gifts for the Kruski’s Basement Bar (imported from Lynchburg) from my Uncle John and Aunt Pam.   As I opened the package I found a Jack Dainel’s wooden napkin holder, with No.7 napkins, and a wall mounted bottle opener.  First lets look at that bottle opener, it is a Starr X stationary bottle opener that has been branded Old No.7.  The Starr company has been making these wall mounted bottle openers for over eighty years.  If you see a wall mounted bottle opener at a bar or at you buddies house odds are it is a Starr.  I also think the rustic wood barrel aged look of the napkin holder is going to look great next to all the walnut used in the bar.

I asked Stacey to take some photos of the No.7 gifts down in the bar.

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2 Responses to Old No. 7 Brand Gifts

  1. Martha says:

    Hello, I have a new package of Jack Daniel napkins, they say Our Benevolent Sponsor, do you thing this are collectable? Any idea of the price?

  2. Jay says:

    Sorry for the late reply, but I do not have any idea on your napkins value. Sounds cool though!

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