The Kentucky Mule: ultra-refreshing bourbon mixed drink

Here at Kruski’s we love our bourbon.  Typically I drink my favorite and finest bourbons neat in very small taster glasses, or a few ounces at a time over my whiskey stones.  Some times I want that bourbon enjoyment but mixed with something else to make it more sip-able for multiple drinks.  This summer fellow Kruski’s author, and good friend Stevie D, has brought to my attention a new way to drink / serve bourbon.  This ultra-refreshing mixed drink is called The Kentucky Mule and is a combination of bourbon, ginger beer, and lime juice serve in a metal cup with ice.  The key to this drink or any other format of a mule is the metal cup better know as the Moscow mule mug.  The mule mug  has a handle to keep your girly fingers warm and prevent the unintended warming of your beverage.  But I have never had a Bourbon Mule last long enough to require the handle.  I do not own any Moscow Mule Mugs so I happily substitute in my Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Pint Glasses.  The KK pints cost $38 for a four pack while the Moscow Mule Mugs cost about $30 each.  Get the steel pints I love them and use them all the time when I am out in the yard, on a camping trip, or even toss them in my beer cooler when I go hang at a friends house.  This drink takes its inspiration from a drink called the Moscow Mule, which is made the same way but substitutes vodka for bourbon.

Bourbon + Ginger Beer + Lime + Ice = Yum

Kruski’s Bourbon Mule recipe

  • 2 oz or 1/3 part bourbon (my pick is Riverboat Rye  or Makers Mark + Steve D’s pick is Old Weller)
  • 4 oz or 2/3 part high quality ginger beer (Gosling’s Ginger Beer is the best we have found to date)
  • 1 Tbsp of  lime juice (1 Tbsp of lime juice for starters adjust to your personal preference)( I like less!!!)
  • 1 metal cup (I like Klean Kanteen SS Pints)
  • 6 large / standard sized ice cubes (maybe try crushed if your fridge is cooler than mine and offers that feature)

Now every ones desire to taste the bourbon and how much lime they like is different so start with the standard recipe and adjust for your preference.  For me I end up going a bit heavier on the bourbon and weaker on the lime for my second Kentucky Mule of the night than I do on my first.  Once you get going you will not care so much about the ratios and will start using a free handed approach.


This is how I was making Kentucky Mule’s the Kruski way a few weeks ago for my cousin Alex when we almost finished the bottle of R-Boat rye.  Take your metal drinking vessel and fill it 40% of the way with ice (for me it takes 6 or so large cubes).  Now pour the bourbon till it almost covers the ice.  Squirt in your lime juice, and top till glass is full with your ginger beer.  I give it a quick stir and enjoy.  Sorry the pics are not as good as normal they were taken by me on my iPhone and not by Stacey.

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