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Are you aware that WAEC Result 2023 is out? We will provide all the information and guide needed to check your WAEC result.

This page is for all those who participated in the 2023 WAEC exams. The steps on how to check your WAEC result are on this page. Check it out.

WAEC Result 2023

WAEC result is very important to all students, parents, educational institutions, and even employers. The results provide an overview of students’ performance and act as a stepping stone toward higher education and future career opportunities.

The importance of results cannot be over-emphasized as it plays a vital role in university admissions.

Upon the release of WAEC results 2023, students are eagerly anticipating to check their grades. The results can be checked on the official WAEC portal.

Here are the guides on how you can check your WAEC result.

How to Check WAEC Result 2023

You can check your WAEC result either through the portal or through phone sms

Below is how you can check results 2023 via the portal

  1. Open the WAEC portal on your browser – click here to open
  2. Type in your exams number
  3. Choose the examination type
  4. Select the exams year
  5. Then click on Check the result

The exam number is on the back of your exam card. Or if you don’t have an exam card, you can buy a scratch card from any of the WAEC-accredited centers around you.

How to Check WAEC Results 2023 via Phone SMS

Have you been wondering if you can check your result with your phone via sms? The answer is yes.

All you need to do is to type WAEC*ExamsNo*PIN*ExamYear and send it to 32327. And you will receive an instant message containing your Waec result.

If you don’t receive the message, then you will have to retry. Note that this service is only available for MTN, Airtel, and Glo users, and sms charges are involved.

Is WAEC Result 2023 Out?

The West African Examination Council result for 2023 is not yet uploaded on the portal.

 If you participated in the exams you will have to wait as the result is not yet released on the portal.

It will be advised that you bookmark this page as it will be updated once the West African Examination Council result is out.

When will WAEC Result in 2023 be Out?

West African Examination Council results are released within a period of two months after the last subject.

Why WAEC is not fast to release their result because WAEC exams are still paper base and not cbt based like Jamb. That’s why Jamb results are released in a few days.

And after the exams, all the exam centers have to submit their scripts and brief the board before marking begins. All this process takes time and hence delays the release of results.

So you should be expecting your Waec result around August 2023.

Why are Some WAEC Results Cancelled?

The cancellation of WAEC results is not a rare occurrence. It happens a lot especially when exam guidelines are not followed. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has a stringent examination and assessment process to ensure fairness, integrity, and the validity of results.

When certain irregularities or violations of examination rules are detected, WAEC may take the decision to cancel the results of the individuals involved. Here are some reasons why WAEC results may be canceled:

Examination Malpractice: One of the primary reasons for result cancellation is the involvement of candidates in examination malpractice. This includes actions such as cheating, impersonation, bringing unauthorized materials into the examination hall, or any other form of dishonesty.

Breach of Examination Rules: WAEC has strict rules and regulations that candidates must adhere to during the examination process.

Any violation of these rules, such as communicating with other candidates, tampering with examination materials, or engaging in disruptive behavior, can lead to the cancellation of results.

Irregularities in Examination Administration: In some cases, the cancellation of results may occur due to administrative irregularities or errors during the examination process.

This could include situations where there are issues with the distribution or handling of examination materials, improper invigilation, or compromised examination security.

WEAC result is not yet out. You should be expecting your result by August 2023. Bookmark this page to know when the WEAC 2023 result is out. I believe this content was helpful.

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